Sunday, April 24, 2011

Really chic frames

I would like to have these in my house, but unfortunately I'm not a carpenter to manufacture them. The only shabby frame I have is one from my gran
dmother and the paint on the wood is almost gone. It inspired me to create these frames in photoshop for the shabby chic lovers. I took some old painted wood, I desaturated it and adjusted the colors with PS colors balance. After I found the right nuance, I used some frame corner brushes, frames shapes and floral elements and I applied them on the wood. Th aged effect came out playing with Blending mode.
The pastel colors and the floral touch
make these frames looking really shabby chic. Sometimes, this style when is rich ornate looks too cute for me, so I've tried too keep some simplicity.
As usual you ca download the frame bellow by clicking on the image and save it on your desktop. It is 800x800 pxls. A higher image resolution in the pack.
Please download the pack from this link, you help me to buy my coffee :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New free shabby textures

This is an interesting set: aged, little grunge, little faded, in white, beige and greenish colors. Can be used in many ways, but I had in mind a shabby chic project when I made it. I think I'll use it in my first scrapbook kit too, the 6 textures are the papers I need.

When I was looking for shabby chic textures on Internet for my furniture in Second Life I did not find many. I saw a lot of floral patterns, but once you apply them in Photoshop they look new and shiny.
Then I started to age them myself, learning this way to work with brushes and multiple layers. I used at least 10 layers for every single textures in this pack, but sometimes I needed more.
I would like to make my own vectors and patterns, but my CS2 has its limits. I have to buy the latest version and then... OMG ... what a joy! I'll be lost in Illustrator, playing like a child in a toys store.

Until then I hope you enjoy these "toys". Because the textures are very large, I had to upload them in Winrar archive, on Hotfile site. No need to have premium account to download them, just choose the slow mode, wait few seconds and Download. In few minutes is done. Download link:

Shabby textures for photoshop

These textures look pretty old and damaged.
The paintings seems to be hidden by the time under layers of dust, a treasure waiting to be discovered.
Well, at least this is what I wanted to suggest but I am not sure that I did it. 

To create them, I first made a canavas, then I put paintings images on it, playing with the Blending mode, and other layers with grunge brushes and frame corners.
I like the result.

These textures are good for blog or web backgrounds and also for scrapbook or photo album pages.
The shabby chic fans may find them useful too.

In Second Life I would use them framed, or for making pillows, tablecloths, cabinet doors, in a shabby furniture set.

You can download a single image directly  from this blog. Just click on it to enlarge and save it on your desktop.
Is 1024x1024. If you want the whole set, 3600x3600 and 300 dpi, follow the link bellow.
You can download them for free in 10 minutes (58 mb) s winrar archive After is Done, open it and extract the files on your computer.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

More frames for Photoshop

I like old staff, shabby chic, grunge textures, vintage touch, scrapbooks etc., bref I'm a nostalgic lady.
So I created some grunge frames and Easter ones that I would like to share with you. It is fun to transform your colorful photo, make it looking old and put it in a grunge, vintage frame. The result: a kind of victorian photography.
If you have Photoshop, you can easy obtain a sepia effect editing the image. I used a Nicole Kidman image that I have desaturated it and played with color balance, levels and luminosity.
You can obtain the same sepia color in other way:
  • Go to Image/Mode and select gray scale.
  • Again Image/Mode and select Duotone.
  • You need to pick two different inks. Ink 1 will be EB8B23. Just click on the little color square and enter the number via the Color Picker.
  • You must name your Inks so name this one SEPIA 1 (or whatever you wish).
  • Repeat this for Ink 2.
  • You may find that the Custom Color box that appears is set to Pantone. Simply click on the Picker Button on the right side and you'll get your original color picker.
  • Enter 000000 for the black we want and SEPIA 2 for the name. Finish this step by clicking OK. Then go back to RGB mode now.
  • Choose Image, Mode,RGB Color.
  • Next you can choose Image, Adjustments, Hue/Saturation and play with the saturation levels to make the effect more subtle.Here are the frames in png format.

Easter is coming so i made a special card or frame. It is on transparent background, free and ready to use

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Frames - Touch of spring, scrapbook style

Making frames is one of my favorite Photoshop work.
I just made 4 Photoshop frames, spring theme, using scrapbook elements like flowers, birds and butterflies on a simple beige paper  good for creating contrast effects.

The frames are pretty large PNG files, 2048x2048 and 300 dpi, so I uploaded them as Winrar archive.
You can downloaded and extract them on your desktop and use them, share them without restrictions.
They look romantic and decorative, and your photos would look great there.
The Second Life photographers who work in Photoshop may find them interesting too for Profiles pics or other projects.

I also uploaded a single photoshop frame 1024x1024, that you save directly on your pc, by clicking right on.

You can find more free Photoshop frames at or on, a huge deposit of graphic resources and inspiration. I would appreciate a feedback, even you don't like them. Thank you. Click Here for download: