Sunday, April 3, 2011

Frames - Touch of spring, scrapbook style

Making frames is one of my favorite Photoshop work.
I just made 4 Photoshop frames, spring theme, using scrapbook elements like flowers, birds and butterflies on a simple beige paper  good for creating contrast effects.

The frames are pretty large PNG files, 2048x2048 and 300 dpi, so I uploaded them as Winrar archive.
You can downloaded and extract them on your desktop and use them, share them without restrictions.
They look romantic and decorative, and your photos would look great there.
The Second Life photographers who work in Photoshop may find them interesting too for Profiles pics or other projects.

I also uploaded a single photoshop frame 1024x1024, that you save directly on your pc, by clicking right on.

You can find more free Photoshop frames at or on, a huge deposit of graphic resources and inspiration. I would appreciate a feedback, even you don't like them. Thank you. Click Here for download: