Friday, January 14, 2011

New Valentine freebies

My treat for this week - two cute Valentine frames textures. They are made especially for the Second Life residents, but they can be also used for blogs or web pages.
Browsing SL Marketplace, I saw that aren't many beautiful, elaborated frames textures for Valentines and only few are worth their money. So I created these frame textures as a gift for all my customers and visitors who are in love somewhere in Second Life or Real Life. If they are not yet, I'll hope they will be,
The textures can be used also as wedding frames, and people in SL love to marry and, well, to divorce.
Does not cost much and it is fun. But always love is in the air. The frames are on transparent background. Click on the image and save it. Enjoy! Check also my free Vintage Valentine and Gothic Valentine cards in my previous posts, and my Marketplace textures store for more frames.

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