Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spring outside

This is my first background, the first I finished (even I feel something is still missing), the first I dare to show up. Did not take me too long - about 4 hours -because I already had what I needed. I used a grunge texture for the wall and a free window texture I found on the Net. If you want great free textures visit this site: http://www.2textured.com/. You will find quality, high resolution textures for windows, doors, flowers, leaves and more. You can download them for free. They need a little work in photoshop, because they are jpg. format but they are worth the time. The flowers and the windows are beautiful and really useful for creating wall textures for buildings or scrapbooks. I changed the window color and painted it a little to look older. Then I painted the sky and the ground, and I made some grass using different brushes. I added the cherry trees and the flowers I already had, then I put in the bird and the coffee cup. I put shadows with a cloud brush and Gaussian blur and lights by drawing lines and applying Motion blur. It is not very elaborated but looks good for a Photoshop apprentice who never painted. When I drink my coffee, looking ouside my living room window this is the image I would rather contemplate than the skeleton of the new building rising in the neighborhood. If you like my "Spring outside" background please leave a comment. It is free to download. And if you look for tutorials to learn how to make nature backgrounds in Photoshop, here are two interesting sites you may want to check: http://deviantart.com/ http://designreviver.com/

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